Glory from Van De Beek When MU Wins in the Champions League

Glory from Van De Beek When MU Wins in the Champions League – Maybe people thought last week that de Beek is a stagnant player and has not shown signs of deterioration and there is no progress for his best performance.

But in the Champions League match against Red Bull Leipzig at Old Trafford, Van de Beek successfully displayed his best game which became the flow of attack for the Manchester United attackers on the front lines.

Glory from Van De Beek Since Red Devils Can Score Goals Glory from Van De Beek When MU Wins in the Champions League

For the match which took place at the home of the Red Devils, the Manchester United club managed to beat their opponent from Germany with 5 goals scored by Anthony Martial, Greenwood and also Marcus Rasford who successfully scored a hat trick in that match.

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You need to know that in this match, MU manager Ole Gunnar Solkjaer saved Bruno Fernandes’ player and played Van de Beek from the early minutes. And according to his coach that de Beek was one of the best footballers who successfully maintained defense and helped the best attack from MU so that the attacker Mason Greenwood could score goals.

Where Van de Beek’s various appearances are the capital for the red devils to face the next match again, but the coach is also confused by the large stock of players in Mu’s midfield, namely Paul Pogba, Bruno Fernandes and also Van de Beek himself. At the same time the owner of situs judi slot terbaru offered coach to choose Paul Pogba.

For information, with a 5-0 victory over German club Leipzig at Old Trafford, they successfully led the group standings with 6 points from 2 matches played. Meanwhile, Manchester United’s position in the Premier League is slumping to 15th position by getting 7 pawns from 6 matches.

So to maximize and get lots of points and chase the Premier League champions, of course the Manchester Red team is required to wipe out all the matches it will play with the help of Van de Beek of course.


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List of players who scored a lot of goals, coached by Mourinho

The world of football in Europe, surely knows the most successful manager in football history. Of course Mourinho won the highest prestigious title in every soccer competition.

The man born in Portugal has also coached some of the most talented and star players in the world. They can find success when training by Mourinho.

Even so, Paul Merson is very worried about the future of Tottenham Hotspurs striker Harry Kane with Jose Mourinho. Merson said, if the stricker is not suitable for Mourinho.

Merson has also analyzed, if Kane can not score 25 to 30 goals per season. This matter can make the player, will soon leave the club. However, the assumption of Merson is less convincing, because there have been many strickers who managed to score, when drilled by Jose Mourinho.

Here I will share information about the list of players who scored a lot of goals in the training of Jose Mourinho, as reported by Ronaldo.com

List of players who scored a lot of goals, coached by Mourinho

1. Christiano Ronaldo, with 168 goals

Jose Mounrinho has coached Ronaldo while at Real Madrid, as coach since 2010 Jose Mounrinho made many people interested whether a combination of the CR7-Mou could compete with Messi-Guardiola in the Spanish La Liga.

Although CR7 does not like the ultra-defensive strategy from Mourinho, Ronaldo’s mega star also managed to score 168 goals in 164 matches. Ronaldo and Mourinho also successfully won the La Liga title, the Spanish Super Cup and the Copa del Rey together.

2. Karim Benzema, with 78 goals

Benzema successfully showed brilliant achievements, when Real Madrid was led by Jose Mourinho. Benzema also successfully launched 78 goals and 49 assists, in just 164 matches this was an extraordinary victory. Fun fact about Benzema is he likes to play an online game “Situs Judi Slot Terbaik dan Terpercaya No 1” it’s popular in Asia.

However, Mourinho and Benzema’s relationship will always be smooth. Because Mourinho also fought with Benzema, and compared the same with cats in a press conference in 2011. This became a turning point in their relationship, which brought confrontation for 1 hour.

“I am a professional soccer player, you are my coach, I also respect you very much, respect me as a player,” Benzema said to Mourinho.

However, having Benzema also always displays quality and wins prestigious trophies when coached by The Special One.

3. Didier Drogba, with 73 goals

4. Frank Lampard, with 70 goals

5. Gonzalo Higuain, with 58 goals

Harry Kane Can Be the Differentiator of Manchester United

Greetings to all of you who visit this site, friend today the admin will share the latest information about Harry Kane who is rumored to be leaving Tottenham Hotspur.

Legend Kelvin Philips urges Harry to immediately join Manchester United, in the upcoming football transfer market. Besides Manchester United, the Spanish giant team, Real Madrid, is also targeting Harry Kane.

You need to know, buddy, Harry is considered a lot of targets for many of Europe’s top football clubs. Because his instincts scored very sharp goals. Since 2013, Kane has been able to score 181 goals in 278 appearances in all competitions. This is an achievement from a very fantastic Harry Kane.

Harry Kane Can Be the Differentiator of Manchester United

“The good idea for Kane to immediately join Manchester United is a very interesting idea. Because I believe Kane can turn the Red Devils into the top division team in the English league in the coming season,” said Kelvin Philips, reported by The Mirror. .

Kelvin Phillips is also optimistic and confident in Harry Kane, who will make Manchester United a strong team figure, who could be a challenger to the English league. The Premier League trophy has certainly not been won by United, the last time won was during the 2013 season, when the team was still led by Sir Alex Ferguson.

“Harry Kane will make any top team in the Premier League a title contender. Because he is a world-class stricker,” said the man who is currently 46 years old.

To get Harry Kane, according to Tranfermark, United must spend 120 million euros. This season, Harry Kane has also successfully made 11 goals at Tottenham Hotspur.

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Van Dijk vs Vidic in the Premier League

Van Dijk vs Vidic in the Premier League – Hello friend welcome back to erudist.net, today I will summarize information about European soccer, which will discuss 2 tough defenders who play in the Premier League namely Van Dijk Vs Vidic who is more resilient. Immediately follow the article below, to find complete information, friends.

Virgil Van Dijk has certainly proven its quality, becoming one of Liverpool’s mainstay defenders, where he managed to bring Liverpool Champions League champions last season. Surely Vank Dijk is arguably an important step for Liverpool to win the trophy of their dreams.

The toughness of Van Dijk vs Vidic in the Premier League

The toughness of Van Dijk vs Vidic in the Premier League

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp also deserves appreciation for having supported the club to get services from Van Dijk a few years ago. With accurate analysis and observation, Van Dijk came and made the defense level up from the team.

Noted he could barely be missed in a few duels with opposing players in the Premier League. This parameter is indeed quite ambiguous, but it already shows the glorious performance of a Van Dijk.

Thanks to the performance of the 2018/2019 season, Van Dijk was selected as UEFA Men’s Player of the Year and was runner-up to win the Ballon d’Or trophy and The Best FIFA Men’s Player.

The toughness of Van Dijk vs Vidic in the Premier League

Van Dijk is a formidable defender, but no less important is the calm on the pitch that is transmitted to other players. Since the arrival of Van Dijk, the defenders at Liverpool can perform at a more resilient level as well.

This development created a new idea, in which Van Dijk was called the best defender in the Premier League, of course, in the assessment of controversy.

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Manchester United fans, who are rivals so Liverpool do not accept the assumption, that Van Dijk is the best defender in the English Premier League. Surely they reminded again that Manchester United had a central defender who was no less extraordinary, namely Nemanja Vidic.

Defender who banishes the ball with all parts of his body, of course Vidic is very brave to give his head to hold back the ball from the opponent’s kick and fearless.

Vidic initially shined with Red Star Belgrade in early 2000, then moved to Russia to join Spartak Moscow in the summer of 2004. He moved to Manchester United in 2006 and since then he has been a mainstay for the Manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

Vidic works closely with Rio Ferdinand, so Vidic gets its reputation as one of the best Defenders at the peak of its performance. He is truly consistent and also becomes a team leader. Vidic is also believed to be the captain of Manchester United from 2010 to 2014 before he finally moved to Inter Milan.

Vidic’s career in Manchester United’s uniform, of course, he won 5 Premier League titles, of which 3 were won in a row. Vidic has also won the Champions League, FIFA Club World Cup, league cup champions. And successfully entered the PFA Team of the Year up to 4 times.

And in the 2008/2009 season, Vidic helped United break the record 14 consecutive clean sheets. He was awarded the Premier League Player of the Season award that season.

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So who do you think is best, friend? Vidic or Van Dijk?

Players who must be released from Chelsea in order to win the Premier League next season

2016 – 2017 is the year in which the blues last became Premier League champions. In that season the squad was handled by Antonio Conte. However, since then, Chelsea has continued to decline performance and can not compete in the competition for the title premier league. Similarly, during the leadership of Frank Lampard the same problem occurred.

Currently the Blues sit in 4th place in the Premier League standings. The Chelsea team won 40 points after 24 matches in the highest caste of English football.

Players That Must Be Released From Chelsea In Order To Return To Becoming Champion

Tammy Abraham and colleagues currently 27 points behind the leaders in the standings, Liverpool. Therefore, the realistic target that Chelsea can achieve is to become champions in the champions league.

Too many factors that make Chelsea or commonly called the blues fail to compete in the Premier League. One of them is Eden Hazard who doesn’t play at Chelsea anymore.

Chelsea can become champions again if they make the right decision in the transfer market. Maybe one of them is releasing some players who lack maximum performance.

Players That Must Be Released From Chelsea In Order To Return To Becoming Champion

Sports buddy there are a number of players who must be released so that Chelsea can become champions in the premiere league again some of them are as follows.

Kepa Arrizabalaga

After the departure of Courtois to Real Madrid, the Blues signed Kepa Arrizabalaga by breaking world transfer records. However, the Spaniard is outside of expectations and does not have a good performance. Arrizabalaga’s head showed the worst ball saves and received a lot of criticism.

Marcos Alonso or Emerson

Chelsea must sell Marcos Alonso or Emersond and replace it with a world-class left back. This is because the player is showing a poor and inconsistent game. He tried to relax himself by time with playing Game of Situs Judi Slot Online Resmi.

Olivier Giroud

Giroud will leave Chelsea and the blues must be prepared to replace the player with an experienced striker who can mentor Chelsea young players.


Pedro rarely plays this season, according to reports the player will leave Chelsea at the end of the season. The blues must be very careful in making decisions in the transfer market in order to get a winger who can provide goals and assists.

Ross Barkley

You could say barkley is a talented player but unfortunately the player lacks good performance and is often inconsistent in his game. Then of course Chelsea must replace it with a better world class midfielder.

Barcelona Losing Badly Against Liverpool

The cause of Barcelona Losing Badly Against Liverpool is a word provoked by the words of Leonel Messi which issued a statement which only made the Liverpool players themselves even more excited because of the “Donkey” that Lionel sent, which makes the Liverpool players who make more enthusiasm in the face of Barcelona. What made their fate tragic was that Barcelona were mercilessly beaten 4 goals without reply by Liverpool in the Champions League semifinal 2nd leg at Anfield. This defeat itself is still very imprint because it is indeed a shameful thing that makes Barcelona must be slaughtered up to like this same with Leicester City F.C.

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Leicester City F.C.

Leicester City F.C. The club was founded in 1884 and jointly controls the record for the most second division titles in English football, they have seven titles – the same as Manchester City. Despite winning the second division title record number of times, Leicester have never won a first division title. Their highest finish was second in 1928-1929. Leicester have gone through four FA Cup finals in their history, but have never won! This is the most final FA Cup team to play without winning! But they have won the League Cup three times, in 1967, 1997 and 2000.

Leicester City F.C. is an English football team based in Leicester. Leicester Also known as The Foxes. The club plays its home competition at the King Power Stadium with a capacity of 32,000 spectators who this club domination of a football club.

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Domination of a Football Club’s Achievement

The success of big football clubs has dominated the domination of a football club’s achievement in the ranks of the English League this season. The match that is held every year in the competition in the field of soccer, surely you know what football clubs can survive in this position. Not just any football team that can control or beat other tough clubs in every season of the English League.

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Manchester City Challange Livepool

Manchester City Challange Livepool – Manchester City won 3-0 over Aston Villa in the Premier League’s 10th week race at the Etihad Stadium on Saturday (10/26/2019). The results of such things made Man City approach Liverpool.

Raheem Sterling ’46  Kevin De Bruyne ’65, and Ilkay Gundogan ’70 scored for City. Pep Guardiola’s men now have 22 points from 10 matches. They overtook Leicester City to return to second place, all sticking Liverpool at the top of the Premier League standings. But, Liverpool can widen the distance if you beat Tottenham Hotspur at Anfield Stadium on Sunday (10/27/2019).

Manchester City Challange Livepool In Premier League

Liverpool is currently leading the Premier League standings. But, Manchester City star Kevin De Bruyne warns if the season is still long and what can still happen. City just won the 10th week of the Premier League on Saturday (10/26/19) night WIB. They successfully uprooted Aston Villa with a 3-0 point at Etihad. Villa could actually stem the draw without the host in the first half.

But, Raheem Sterling 46, Kevin De Bruyne 65 and Ilkay Gundogan 70 in the end successfully broke through the guest team’s goal. These results make Man City consistently in second place in the 10th week of the Premier League. But, they successfully cut the distance to three values ​​with Liverpool who have not played the 10th week of the race.

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First round Aston Villa appear confident and troublesome Manchester City. The appearance of such a thing forced The Citizens to launch a counterattack. Some times they threatened via Sterling and Gabriel Jesus. Video assistant referee (VAR) then works when Sterling kicks Bjorn Engels in the forbidden zone. But, VAR didn’t give a precise 12 kick.

Shortly paused, it was Aston Villa’s turn to ask for a penalty. Douglas Luiz fell from the tackle Joao Cancelo while trying to grab the ball to throw up the kick from John McGinn which countered Ederson. Again, VAR does not impose sanctions. The race was fierce with the two teams reciprocating. Gold opportunity is obtained by David Silva. Unfortunately, the ball is still wide. Until now, Manchester City 0 Aston Villa 0 at Situs judi slot online gampang menang.

Season Still Long Liverpool can get back six points ahead of the defending winner if they can topple Tottenham tonight. But, De Bruyne was not bothered by the superiority of the Reds. “This is a long competition,” said De Bruyne. “We responded really well after the international break, winning three times in a row, so let’s continue.”

Manchester United Appear More Dominating

From UEFA’s official website, Manchester United does appear more dominating. Man United leads the ball in 56 percent. In terms of chance, The Red Devils have 5 of which 1 leads to the ideal target. The FK Partizan has 15 chances with 2 heading to the goal.

Manchester United narrowly won 1-0 over Partizan Belgrade in the Europa League continued at the Partizana stadium on Friday (10/25/2019) early morning hrs. Penalty goal from Anthony Martial successfully gave victory to the Red Devils as well as the hostile spartan confrontation.

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