Erudist – la distribution fiable et rapide des livres d’eacute rudition

May be the new company focused on trustworthy and fast distribution of scholarly books.

Erudist distributes in France the whole fund from the Droz editions ,

using its some 3500 titles available, in addition to a part of its diffusion:

  • Library from the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters from the College of Liège ,
  • Cahiers Ferdinand de Saussure (Geneva),
  • Cahiers of French Linguistics (Geneva),
  • Comparativa (Lausanne),
  • Interviews on Classical Ancient times from the Hardt Foundation (Geneva),
  • Glasgow Emblem Studies (Glasgow),
  • Index of banned books (Montreal-Geneva),
  • Novum Glossarium mediae latinitatis (Paris),
  • Publications of Worldwide Social and economic History (Geneva),
  • Research and conferences (College of Geneva),
  • Society from the Good reputation for France (Paris),
  • Works of literature (Paris).

Erudist distributes La Deffence, and instance of french (1549) and L’Olive, Joachim Du Bellay, text within the program from the aggregation of contemporary Letters

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Don’t hesitate to see our indicative bibliography and our studying propositions with regards using the program from the aggregation