Former Barcelona Midfielder Philippe Coutinho

Philippe Coutinho

Former Barcelona midfielder Philippe Coutinho has been evaluated as quite successful in making his debut with Bayern Munich. Playing moncer at the beginning of the season, Die Rotens management is even smitten to make the midfielder permanent in the transfer window next winter. Coutinho was legally recruited by Bayern Munich from Barcelona on loan at the transfer window last season. In the contract, the 27-year-old will strengthen Die Rotens until 2020.

Former Barcelona Midfielder Philippe Coutinho

Together with Munich, Coutinho is said to be far more developed than when he was still in Barcelona. Penggawa German national team and even then said to have found the philosophy of playing again. The statement even seems to be in line with the results on the ground. The player who had strengthened Liverpool managed to donate two goals in seven races that he played. Besides that Coutinho also managed to package three assists to date.

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Based on this development, according to a Sport English report, Bayern Munich management is interested in making permanent Coutinho status in the January 2020 transfer window. Bayern Munich have not taken the attitude related to Philippe Coutinho. Although satisfying, the Brazilian midfielder is not necessarily permanent.

philippe coutinho

Coutinho in Bayern uniform as a loan player game slot from Barcelona this season. The contract point takes 8.5 million euros, with an alternative permanent around 139.8 million euros, or a balance of Rp 2.1 trillion. Coutinho has even appeared nine times with Bayern this season. Two goals have even been introduced by the former Inter Milan and Liverpool player.

Though nevertheless known as to what the scheme to make permanent Coutinho, Bayern Munich coach, Niko Kovac admitted that the quality of the player clearly highlights the improvement. “Philippe doesn’t need to accentuate anything. Sometimes he is like dancing with the whole thing. He knows exactly what needs to be run, when and how to position the ball that he carries,” he said.

Until now, Bayern Munich or Liverpool is still entrenched at the top of the 2019/20 German league standings. Compete in six races, Robert Lewandowski and his friends are undefeated. They have collected 14 grades. Followed by RB Leipzig in the second area with 13 points.