Neymar Jr. Is Still Surviving At PSG When Exchange Transfers

Neymar Jr

Neymar Jr. – A very famous Juventus attacker named Cristiano Ronaldo gives an opinion on the issue of star transfer which is also no less famous Paris Saint-German (PSG) This person is also a top star who also played in the football match Neymar who arrived until now it’s still unclear where this neymar will go.

Neymar himself is eager to leave PSG in the 2019/2020 season transfer market. But Les Parisiens has not found a club that can redeem it at a price that is appropriate or appropriate for a neymar of the green field actor.

PSG management is ready to release their star the green field artist with a tag of no less than 222 million Euros at a price that is not cheap for a footballer. Barcelona and Real Madrid are two clubs that are often associated with Neymar in the transfer market this year. But only Barcelona seriously called the star man back to where they were headed for Campnou. Blaaugrana means offering 100 million euros plus their two stars Philippe Countinho and Ousmane Dembele, one of the great players but also rejected by PSG who likes to Slot Online Jackpot Besar gambling.

Neymar Jr. Is Still Surviving At PSG

Neymar Jr

The rumors of the players themselves attracted the attention of Cristiano Ronaldo who is leading to that man himself, he will stay with Slot terbaru their own team, paris.

Ronaldo also argues that Neymar is a great player and CR7 is very familiar with many of the conversations that happened about the man from brazil, for Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus. Still the star of Juventus said that Neymar would still think that the Brazilian Footballer would still play in the Paris Saint-German.

Cristian Ronaldo believes this man is very suitable because the type of soccer player this one is suitable for playing in any club. Because many of the big teams wanted that guy to play on their respective teams because he had a very positive impact on their own team.

Currently the star from PSG is in the middle of a recovery injury suffered at the ankle which he can approach the Copa America 2019 game. As a result, Neymar himself was sidelined long enough not to join the match during the PSG Preseason.

“Don’t be seen apart from all that is important to be able to take care of himself and not to experience injury. That is what Ronaldo wants Neymar so he can play with strength so that he can get better at EURO 2020.