Harry Kane Can Be the Differentiator of Manchester United

Greetings to all of you who visit this site, friend today the admin will share the latest information about Harry Kane who is rumored to be leaving Tottenham Hotspur.

Legend Kelvin Philips urges Harry to immediately join Manchester United, in the upcoming football transfer market. Besides Manchester United, the Spanish giant team, Real Madrid, is also targeting Harry Kane.

You need to know, buddy, Harry is considered a lot of targets for many of Europe’s top football clubs. Because his instincts scored very sharp goals. Since 2013, Kane has been able to score 181 goals in 278 appearances in all competitions. This is an achievement from a very fantastic Harry Kane.

Harry Kane Can Be the Differentiator of Manchester United

“The good idea for Kane to immediately join Manchester United is a very interesting idea. Because I believe Kane can turn the Red Devils into the top division team in the English league in the coming season,” said Kelvin Philips, reported by The Mirror. .

Kelvin Phillips is also optimistic and confident in Harry Kane, who will make Manchester United a strong team figure, who could be a challenger to the English league. The Premier League trophy has certainly not been won by United, the last time won was during the 2013 season, when the team was still led by Sir Alex Ferguson.

“Harry Kane will make any top team in the Premier League a title contender. Because he is a world-class stricker,” said the man who is currently 46 years old.

To get Harry Kane, according to Tranfermark, United must spend 120 million euros. This season, Harry Kane has also successfully made 11 goals at Tottenham Hotspur.

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