Glory from Van De Beek When MU Wins in the Champions League

Glory from Van De Beek When MU Wins in the Champions League – Maybe people thought last week that de Beek is a stagnant player and has not shown signs of deterioration and there is no progress for his best performance

But in the Champions League match against Red Bull Leipzig at Old Trafford, Van de Beek successfully displayed his best game which became the flow of attack for the Manchester United attackers on the front lines.

Glory from Van De Beek Since Red Devils Can Score GoalsĀ Glory from Van De Beek When MU Wins in the Champions League

For the match which took place at the home of the Red Devils, the Manchester United club managed to beat their opponent from Germany with 5 goals scored by Anthony Martial, Greenwood and also Marcus Rasford who successfully scored a hat trick in that match.

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You need to know that in this match, MU manager Ole Gunnar Solkjaer saved Bruno Fernandes’ player and played Van de Beek from the early minutes. And according to his coach that de Beek was one of the best footballers who successfully maintained defense and helped the best attack from MU so that the attacker Mason Greenwood could score goals.

Where Van de Beek’s various appearances are the capital for the red devils to face the next match again, but the coach is also confused by the large stock of players in Mu’s midfield, namely Paul Pogba, Bruno Fernandes and also Van de Beek himself. At the same time the owner of situs judi slot terbaru offered coach to choose Paul Pogba.

For information, with a 5-0 victory over German club Leipzig at Old Trafford, they successfully led the group standings with 6 points from 2 matches played. Meanwhile, Manchester United’s position in the Premier League is slumping to 15th position by getting 7 pawns from 6 matches.

So to maximize and get lots of points and chase the Premier League champions, of course the Manchester Red team is required to wipe out all the matches it will play with the help of Van de Beek of course.