Give Priority to Human Translation

At any given time when machines and artificial intelligence are beginning to exhibit excellent leads to instant translation as well as in a large number of languages ??you should observe that this type of translation, as helpful and efficient as it might be, can’t match to any or all needs. It’s still necessary to undergo a translation agency for any sworn legal document, an administrative translation, but finally for a lot of other activities that a obvious, precise translation with a native is important.

This is how we have seen the professional translation , the expert translation :

  • Rigorous buying process: Selecting probably the most qualified linguists
  • Solid Quality Procedure: Ensure every point are clearly and completely conveyed
  • Experienced Management: Performing right the very first time

We provide top quality translation service in a number of a large number of languages. Our full-range of translation service includes:

  • Website Translation / CMS
  • Translation of documents: corporate, legal, technical, medical, medical, contracts etc.
  • Localization of software and websites Judi Poker Online
  • Multimedia translation: transcription, voice-over, subtitles, etc.
  • Desktop Publishing and Printing

ATA (Association of Certified Linguists) is managed by certified and sworn linguists close to the French courts of appeal. :

  • We’re a sizable network of highly qualified linguists .
  • Our company specializes in translations that need an advanced of expert knowledge.
  • We give personalized focus on every translation project entrusted to all of us.
  • We’ve greatly led to the prosperity of our clients.