EURO 2020 Qualification Game

EURO 2020

The EURO 2020 Qualification Match was competed again on Tuesday June 11 yesterday on Wednesday morning. Germany face Estonia, appear very cool with a score that is not half-hearted with a score that was scored by Germany 8-0. It’s very unexpected that Germany can score this many goals. Germany in Group C, played against Estonia at OPEL Arena, Mainz. In the first half, Die Mannsxhaft had a five-goal lead over national football team Estonia itself which was a pretty big blow for Estonia who could not reply to one goal in their old goal.

Marco Reus scored two goals in this match and three other goals came from strikes from Serge Gnabry, Leon Goretzka and Ilkay Gundogan. After reaching these five goals Germany were not satisfied in the first half but Germany itself continued to give an attack on Estonia’s goal without mercy. And Estonia also suffered mental pressure from Germany which was given 5 goals in the first round of the match  Situs Slot Gacor Terbaru.

Stunning EURO 2020 Qualification Game

EURO 2020

In the second half, Gnabry returned to give sweet fruit by donating 1 goal for Germany, who scored even 6-0 without being here. German players Timo Werner and Leroy each gave 1 goal to Estonia which made the opposing team suffered a crushing defeat. over Germany 8-0. It is unfortunate that the opposing team cannot provide meaningful resistance for Germany itself.

Another leading country that also plays matches is Belgium, Roberto Martinez’s club entertain Scotland at Stadue Rou Baudouin, Brussels.

Belgium itself took the lead in the first half through a goal scored by the Belgian player Slot Gacor Terbaru Romelu Lukaku. The attacker from the Manchester United attacker also scored again in the second half which unexpectedly made another goal in the opponent’s goal making it their score 2-0. It did not stop there that Belgium itself continued to give pressure to Scotland until the end of the round with the final round there was an additional 1 goal created by Kevin De Bryune which ensured Belgium won over Scotland with the winning score 3-0.

Maybe the score created by Belgium was not as exciting as Germany because they faced an opponent who was quite difficult to get a lot of goals not easily with this Scottish country. Not many people who have login sbobet and also bet on Germany and Belgium have certainly won a lot due to the unequal score next to this. Here are some news footage from our Euro 2020 Qualifying Games, thank you.