Domination of a Football Club’s Achievement

Domination of a Football Club's Achievement

The success of big football clubs has dominated the domination of a football club’s achievement in the ranks of the English League this season. The match that is held every year in the competition in the field of soccer, surely you know what football clubs can survive in this position. Not just any football team that can control or beat other tough clubs in every season of the English League.

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List of Domination of a Football Club’s Achievement Last 5 Years

Here, aside from discussing the thrill of playing with trusted online poker, you can also see the annual order list of winners from the English League:

  • 2014-2015

Chealsea soccer club also had the greatest club level in the league’s music several times, to win the title from its host, Manchester United.

  • 2015-2016

Leicester City had a special place in the English league season, in 2015-2016 this was the first time for the union of Leicester City football clubs.

  • 2016-2017

For the second time the reliable footballer Chealsea won the biggest position of the league season in England. This award proves that Chealsea soccer club is quite difficult to be conquered by other big clubs.

  • 2017-2019

For 2 years in a row Manchester United were able to maintain their position in the English Premier League match. In the past few years they have also won many of these positions, Manchester United has become the oldest soccer club and also very reliable.

In addition to the list order for the past 5 years, we have also summarized the total record of the title according to the soccer team:

Total Title Matches the Football Club

  • Manchester United

Already won the English championship season 20 times and have never lost the number of winners.

  • Liverpool

As many as 18 times the football team from England (Liverpool FC) was also able to pitch his position to still enter in the great victory of the Premier League game.

  • Arsenal

Indeed, in the previous 5 years Arsenal did not enter the record of the winner of the English league, but in previous years the Arsenal club had won with a total of 13 wins.

  • Everton

The total number of champions in all three of England is 9 times.

  • Aston Villa

The strength of this football club also often wins the game in this league, their total champion managed to collect as many as 7 championships.

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