Cristiano Ronaldo Will Not Retire Because of Age

Cristiano Ronaldo

The star of the green field is Cristiano Ronaldo who is sure everyone who is a football enthusiast and Maxbet online gambling enthusiast must know Christian Ronaldo well. This soccer player who has a myriad of achievements speaks that he is sure he will not stop from the world of football which has made his name this good only because of age and physical factors that continue to grow old, but through psychological factors that will only make this CR 7 stop itself from playing on the gridiron.

Ronaldo himself is now 34 years old and is still considered a player dubbed the best player in the world. Seeing the performance of Ronaldo last season, Ronaldo himself proved to still have the ability to play football is still very effective for someone who is old like Ronaldo himself.

Cristiano Ronaldo Will Till Playing Foot Ball

Cristiano Ronaldo

Christian or CR7 himself was able to adapt very well in his first season with his new football team, Juventus, with proof that in total he had scored 28 goals in 43 matches that took place with the Bianconeri.

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CR7 said, “I am not at all afraid or worried about getting older and getting older, moreover I have not experienced any problems or did not find anything strange in my physical sense. Maybe my own psychological factors will make me and determine the time. to stop competing in prestigious matches that have made my name like this until now “

“I hope nothing negative will happen to me until I turn 40 years old. But if that happens then it is a life. Everything has a beginning and an end so the figure of Christiano will not last forever or stay in shape like before. But for now I am still very strong and have a high desire to keep getting many important trophies in my career in football. “Continue the player named Cristiano Ronaldo who say neymar jr will stay at PSG last week.

Ronaldo himself is not too much of a pension time because until now he always wanted to give the best to all the soccer teams he visited in every match and also in every match that he matched when playing.