5 Interesting Facts about Ali And Ratu Ratu Queens Movie, Based on the Novel

5 interesting facts about the film Ali And Ratu Ratu Queens and a synopsis of the film Ali and Ratu Queen which is the latest film from Iqbal Ramadhan with other artists. In the film, Iqbal will play the role of Ali who will travel to America. Then meet the Queens of Queens in Situs Judi Slot Online Terbaik dan Terpercaya no 1. There are Nirina Zubir, Tika Panggabean, Astri Welas and Hepi Salma as players. Then what are the interesting facts in the film Ali And Ratu Ratu Queens?

Interesting Facts about Ali And Ratu Ratu Queens Movie

5 Interesting Facts about Ali And Ratu Ratu Queens Movie, Based on the Novel

5 Interesting Facts about Ali And Ratu Ratu Queens Movie

  • 1. Family Love

Interpreting the film, played by Iqbal Ramadhan, is indeed full of family values. Ali, who left his mother to America, had to live with his father and Ali promised his mother to take care of his father. Until one day his father died and Ali was taken care of by his father’s extended family. Them also play game Slot Gacor in America.

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Ali’s extended family who had accompanied Ali also took care of Ali. His extended family was so in love and cherished Ali. Until Ali forced himself to America to meet his mother. His extended family, especially Budenya, he wanted to keep Ali from uncertainty in America.

  • 2. Pursuing Dreams

Ali’s mother had a big dream which was to go to America and pursue her dreams. Until he was willing to leave his children and husband. In America this mother worked hard, seeking opportunities for her dreams but it was too difficult. She always sent news and even bought Ali and her husband tickets to America but there was no reply.

This story also shows a mother who struggles to support her family. Deliberately playing situs judi online terpercaya to meet the needs of his small family.

On the other hand, when Ali arrived in America and met his mother, Ali tried to continue his mother’s dream. Where Ali is determined to be successful in America. He tried to find scholarships in American schools. In addition, Ali is looking for a job to be able to pursue his dreams which is part of the synopsis of the film Ali and Ratu Ratu Queens.

  • 3. Togetherness is a happy thing

Ali’s arrival to America to look for his mother was warmly welcomed by his mother’s friends. Ali lives in the Queen Quues apartment where there are 4 women who are the same age as Ali’s mother. It was Ali’s togetherness with the residents of the queens that made Ali survive in America.
Even when the mother asked Ali to immediately return to Indonesia. Because the mother could not accept Ali’s presence because she was already married again and had children with Americans. But Ali is still there thanks to the support of the families at queen queens.

  • 4. Missing Hometown

In this synopsis of the film Ali and Ratu Queens. Each member of Queens Queens on Thanksgiving night expressed their feelings about longing for their family back home. Like a Party figure who wants to go home to be able to visit his mother’s grave.

Also other figures who have lived in America for a long time and haven’t returned to their hometowns for a long time. From this film, it can be concluded that everyone who is far away still feels longing to be able to return to their hometown.

  • 5. Mother is an unforgettable figure

In the story of the film Ali and Ratu Queens, Ali has long been left behind by his mother to America. Even without news. Ali never knew that his mother was always sending news, because his father and his extended family kept it a secret.

This finally forced Ali to immediately go to America to meet his mother. Mother is a figure that cannot be forgotten by her child.

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No matter how far the mother goes, the child will still look for her. From the synopsis of the film Ali and Ratu Ratu Queens, you can learn many unexpected things. Where all of that is a life journey that is lived by many people, About love, ideals and family and friendship relationships that are so full of meaning.