French education standards

The French education system long enjoyed a name for having one in every of the most effective education systems within the world, with a nationwide set info, ancient ways of learning, high tutorial standards and strict discipline. However, in recent years some lament a perceived insert French education, and in keeping with the most recent OECD/PISA world rankings (2012), France born 3 places for academic standards for fifteen year olds. it’s currently placed twenty five out of sixty five countries, with forty three p.c of scholars having issue in arithmetic and with a widening equality gap inside the varsity population.

The French academic philosophy emphasises:

the authority of the teacher;
individual competition as well as Associate in Nursing absolute grading system (no grading ‘on the curve’);
stress on analytical thought and memorization as hostile creativity;
generally high tutorial expectations.
The French don’t essentially expect kids to possess ‘fun’ at college. Sports and artistic activities are inspired however typically union by community or non-public associations, not by the colleges.

French schooling is free and obligatory from ages six to sixteen, though the bulk of French kids begin earlier. Another 2 years of study are needed if a student is to take a seat the baccalauréat communicating, that they need to pass to enter university. category sizes tend to be massive, with one teacher for a few thirty or additional students.